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Revenue Calculator

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You can use this calculator to estimate your revenue stream from taking your university digital. The calculator uses certain assumptions, and default values are already provided. You can change these values to suit your assumptions. Let's work with an example 

Working example

Number of students is approximate number of students in your university/ college/ school. The default value provided is 2000, but you can change it to your actual number of students.


Next, we have four different types of courses. Question banks are list of questions as the name suggests. This can be developed for each course, for each class. Then is class notes, which can also be developed by teachers for each subject and each class. Third are practice tests, which are previous year papers with answers. And lastly, university/ college/ school can develop it's own courses, which are video lectures followed by exam, and an online certificate.

Each of these 4 types of courses has a price, which you can change in the calculator. Penetration is estimate of % of students which will take a particular course. You can change the penetration to suit your assumptions. Number of courses is an estimate of how many courses 1 student can buy. For example, if a student has 5 subjects in his course, and all 5 teachers have developed online courses, then student can buy all 5, or less. Default assumption is taken as 3, you can change this too. 


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