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Does Tina have covid ? Does Rajesh have covid ?

Tina met Rajesh and Rohit but not Shyam. Shyam and Rohit both met Jess together. Jess’s girlfriend’s father met Sam. Sana met Sam and is covid negative. Sam’s sister met Jack who is covid positive. 

Yes Tina has Covid. But Rajesh does not have covid. 

See the flow below. Tina met all directly or indirectly marked with green dot. Rajesh did not meet anyone (except Tina, assuming he met her at same time as Rohit. That time Tina was not infected with Covid). Sana is covid positive, and she infected all those in red background, all the way back up to Tina. Rajesh is not in this flow. 


One girl from Bangalore South is found Covid 19 +ve 

So the girl, her 6 family members, the boyfriend and his 5 family members quarantined.

Later it was found that the girl has 3 more boyfriends. All 3 of them plus their families of 6 each is quarantined. 

But now we come to know that 2 of her boyfriends have 2 more girlfriends each  !! Each girlfriend has 4 more family members. How many people are quarantined ? 🤔

54 people in total.

See the attached image for calculations. Go step by step and keep adding from left to right.

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